About Us

We are Petaluma Business Leads, a group of established and reputable businesses in the Petaluma area. We help others find businesses they seek that we have confidence in. Our group has been in existence since 1992.

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We meet once a week at a breakfast meeting to discuss local business news, to educate each other about our business, and to help connect those seeking business services with businesses we have come to trust. Based on the confidence we develop, we often use each others services, and refer friends and customers to each other.

We only allow one business that we trust in each business category. As we meet once a week, each business develops a track record within the group that gives us confidence when directing others to businesses within the group.

We encourage you to use the services of those listed in the directory, who are members of our group. We feel confident that you will encounter businesspeople who will take care of your needs and who approach their work in a professional manner.

You may be interested in becoming a member of our group, and we invite you to join us.