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Lakeville Auto Body

Mike Estournes

Future home of Lakeville Autobody

“Keeping the Customer Satisfied” is more than a catch phrase.
When it comes to choosing a repair facility to care for your car, it all comes down to a matter of trust. You want to feel the confidence that comes from leaving your vehicle in capable hands and the assurance that your car will be restored to its original appearance, condition, and performance.

At LAKEVILLE AUTOBODY, we earn our customers' trust with our integrity.
This principle is built into everything we do… Integrity means restoring the appearance, safety and performance of your vehicle, technicians who are committed to quality and have the skills necessary to deliver just what they promise, delivering a quality repair so it once again meets factory specifications.

We treat each vehicle, as if it was our own.
Restoring your vehicle is no accident. It should be nearly impossible to detect that your have been involved in an accident. All it takes is the right shop. We have the experience, equipment, and technicians to properly repair your vehicle back to factory specifications.

We will be happy to work with your insurance company to minimize your inconvenience.

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